Everything You Need to Know About the Different Areas of Naples

Just like every coastal town has its own unique characteristics so do the individual neighborhoods. With such a strong sense of community as Naples holds each division brings its own piece of beauty and magic. Many residents love the individuality of each neighborhood in combination with the seamless fluidity of the Naples community as a whole. Whether you’re moving to this breathtaking Floridian coastline or just stopping by for a beach getaway, we think you should know the ins and outs of every corner and boulevard.

A Quick Recap of Naples, FL

Officially founded as a town in 1886 by a couple ocean-loving fellows searching for the next best seaside oasis. The name “Naples” was inspired by the Italian peninsula and its founders had big dreams of creating a timeless. winter retreat. They purchased only a little over 3 thousand acres, but Naples quickly climbed to the top of the list for paradise destinations.

It started with beach front property and expanded to a pier and intricate plans to build Naples into what we see today. The first major hotel was a 16 room beauty in the center of the city. The prestigious individuals and influential families, celebrities and lifestyle of the elites recognized the value and beauty Naples offered. Although as the town developed it took a slow turn here and there, investors, surrounding builders and leaders alike took part in building up the seaside location well in the early 1900s.

Fast forward through the survival of The Great Depression, World War II, and countless other disadvantageous events or factors, and Naples survived and continued to grow into what it is today. Though it’s evolution is vast, the sense of genuine community and paradise bliss rang true and helped develop the neighbors of the present day.

Neighborhoods in Naples 

Although the layout may have changed through the decades of its lifetime, the overall atmosphere and fluidity of Naples remain worthy and almost timeless. From the original residential streets to fresh and up and coming spots, there’s a neighborhood for everyone.

Old Naples 

With a pier extending across the Gulf Coast and vivacious beach homes being designed and constructed, the first neighborhood that still boasts with character is Old Naples. Numerous businesses and buildings are in their original form and structure, adding to the classic feel of this downtown area. This is one of the largest neighborhoods, and most historical. It’s no surprise the roads are filled with tourists and admirers alike taking in the architect and rich history.

Park Shore 

Sitting quaintly in the middle of The Moorings (to the north) and Pelican Bay (to the south) you can find the idyllic, and top favorite neighborhood of Park Shore. Residents boast on the central location making it a quick trip to many other destination worthy locations throughout Naples. Recognized by many as one of the most popular areas to live in, it’s not hard to see why. The neighborhood really took its pristine form by the early ‘90s and swiftly developed into the luxurious locale of today. Presenting a balance of luxury condos, high-rise buildings, a handful of neighborhood beaches and countless shopping and dining endeavors, you’ll never be bored or short of a spectacular view. 

Port Royal  

As you cruise south down the coast you will come across the lavish neighborhood of Port Royal. Finding its way in the late 1940s, development really took off into the early 1950s. Although the Port Royal borough of Naples sits high on the average cost of living, it was actually founded with a more humble, quietly elegant approach in design and lifestyle. The layout, designs, businesses, and homes focus on maintaining the neighborhood’s unique character through the years, many residents embrace the historical makeup and nuances on these seaside streets. These blocks are made up of opulent homes and charming cottages all hugging wide canals and provide spectacular views of the Gulf.

Pelican Bay

The original intentions of Pelican Bay were to create an exclusive, large enclave filled with breathtaking homes while preserving the natural life of the shore. The conservation and development broke ground in the early 70s and stayed true to protecting the wildlife and environment of this neighborhood. With the mixture of beach and forested land, the residents here take pride in their impact on Naples’ habitat. This area has endless community-driven amenities such as their 25,000 square foot community center, the spot for celebrations, festivals, formal meetings and more. Still holding true to Naples’ elite lifestyle and immaculate views, Pelican Bay is also a great choice for any family-friendly necessities or desires.

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Paragon Company Can Help Make Any Naples Neighborhood Your Home

We thank our lucky stars daily that we get to call this Gulf Coast oasis our home and you can, too. Our team is made up of architects, brokers, property managers, designers and more all working together to bring you the best experience when making your way down to Naples, Florida. We just touched on a few of the neighborhoods sprawled out across the white-sand shoreline, so don’t think the beauty stops there. There are numerous other communities within Naples and we are happy to help guide you to your ideal residency destination.