Naples, FL Real Estate Brokerage

Paragon Realty is a great companion to Paragon General Contracting. Having detailed knowledge of a property from a real estate perspective, including all of the issues surrounding market values, appraisals, deed restrictions, insurance and more, helps to put things in perspective for a client and provides the information required to make informed decisions. Conversely, having detailed knowledge of a property from a construction perspective, including permitting, code compliance, association rules, construction costs, does the same thing for a real estate brokerage client.

We have been fortunate enough to have clients that have benefited from this combination and over the years have had clients that initially remodeled a property, later decided to sell that property and purchase another one, and then remodeled the new one, all of which we handled for them. We are committed to our client’s success in the long term, not just for whatever the transaction of today is. By focusing on maximizing value in every situation, the result is a satisfied client, and most gratifying to us, a repeat client.

If you are considering buying or selling a property in Naples, please contact our Naples real estate brokers to talk through all the options available to you. We’re always happy to share with you any ideas we may have, and perhaps earn your business. 

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