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Condominium Renovations

At Paragon, we are known for our condominium renovations and comprehensive remodeling projects in the Naples, Florida area. We are proud to say that our reputation precedes us.

At the same time, we understand that condominium projects can be especially challenging tasks—particularly when it comes to major remodeling jobs. Various unique obstacles always seem to present themselves, including numerous rules and regulations, considerations for other nearby owners, physical limitations (the size of the elevators, for example), parking restrictions and more. Even a seemingly simple task like a delivery of drywall, which might be quite straightforward to handle in a single-family home community, may require advance permissions and special requirements, such as a crane and on-site traffic control, in a condominium setting.

Association Application & Approval

One often overlooked aspect of condominium remodeling is the association application and approval process. Most people believe that this is just a pro-forma process of filling out a few forms and providing several documents to the association for approval. The fact of the matter is that it’s absolutely crucial to achieving the desired results if you want your project to be completed the way you envision it.

Paragon’s in-depth knowledge of the policies, procedures, and politics involved is a huge advantage to our clients. We most often gain approvals on our clients’ projects right away, even when they may have been rejected previously by the association board. Rejection is usually due to both how the request is articulated, as well as the way it is researched, documented, presented, and negotiated. We have great success in obtaining critical approvals from condominium boards and architectural review committees.

Condominium Remodeling Timelines

Timelines are extremely important to us at Paragon. The time generally allowed for construction work is limited to off-season summer months. In most cases, any work not finished on time may be halted by the association until the following spring. This may render a unit unusable for an entire season — a disaster for any owner.

At Paragon, getting projects done on time is crucial. Most of our clients are only here for the season. They expect that after they leave in the spring, they’ll come back to a fully renovated or remodeled residence in the fall. We make certain that each project is within our scope of abilities to complete within the allotted timeframe.

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If you are considering a construction project of any kind, such as a new Naples single-family home, high-rise condominium remodel, beachfront residence renovation, or floor plan expansion, please get in touch with us to share your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to helping you meet your goals.