Spring is one of the most popular times of year to make changes and additions to the home. The weather is nice and more conducive to outdoor construction. Knowing you need a change is one thing, but what changes to make is another. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite decor and building trends for 2019.

Featured Walls

We didn’t want to use the word “backsplash” here because the featured wall is a little more dynamic. Some rooms are choosing to forgo a bit of paint to achieve an update. The featured wall incorporates something more. We’re talking about tiling, wallpaper, or shiplap. You can choose. Where are these featured walls? Tile is featured in the kitchen, but the wallpaper and shiplap transcend any room in the home that needs an update.

Wallpaper and Tiles

Adding wallpaper and tile requires a little creativity and eye for color because it’s all about print and patterns. In 2018, prints were geometric and had a southwestern flare. It featured ikat and dusty colors paired with neutrals. We’re moving away from that this year and focusing more on bolder prints that are colorful and floral. We’ll go into detail later about the colors you should consider, but for now, just focus on something rich.


Residents of Naples will love the shiplap look. It has a beachy vibe that remains chic. Why? Because of the symmetry and the color scheme. Shiplap is interlocked boards that slot together like a tongue and groove. They are rustic looking but minimalist as well. It’s an easy way to add dimension and texture without a complete overhaul. Shiplap can work just about anywhere: your fireplace, bathroom, bedroom, or in the kitchen mixed with the tile prints mentioned above. Paint the boards white to keep this trend modern.

Darker Colors

We said we would talk about colors, so here we are. In the past, home design trends have included a lot of white or very bright neutrals. It’s a color scheme that has dominated interior design for years. The look was incredibly modern and fresh. Rooms seemed bright and airy. But, it appears color is creeping back into our homes, and they are coming in richer than ever. Some experts believe it’s the pendulum swinging back in the opposite direction and homeowners are essentially rebelling against all the white over the past few years.

Color Schemes

So, what colors should be the focus? Pantone picks a color of the year, and while it may be Living Coral, experts believe homeowners will be more interested in navy and forest green. These colors will make a bold impact complementary to your surroundings. Both colors are extracted from nature. The navy blue will pair well with the bright blue skies in Naples. The forest green will blend well with the colors of the beach and foliage.


Trends are emerging with homeowners forgoing the single accent wall and painting an entire room in one deep hue. What’s different is painting the whole place (trim included) in the same color. In an article from the Washington Post, one expert said, “Typically, I see this trend happening in smaller, somewhat private rooms, such as bedrooms, home offices, studies and media rooms — places where you want a comforting and relaxing vibe.”

Updated Bathroom

There is a lot to cover for bathroom remodels, but in 2019 it’s going to be a lot about luxury, self-care, and keeping it natural. Different aspects are going to get an update such as the vanity, bathtub, and tiling. Kitchen remodels dominated in 2018, but the bathroom will take over this year. The idea is trying to create a spa-like environment, by adding features that aren’t traditionally seen in the bathroom like an electric fireplace. Let’s take a closer look.

The Bathtub

People are more inclined to shower these days, so it can seem moot to keep the tub around during a remodel. But, those who like a bath will love the idea of a destination bathtub. Think of a free-standing tub that is the focal point of the room. It should be positioned with a great view of the Naples coastline or outdoor scenery to encourage relaxation. Surround the tub with new flooring that includes the tiling we mentioned above. Moroccan prints would work well in the bathroom and bring in a lot of color in a subtle way.

The Vanity

If you have been keeping up with the slow evolution of the bathroom, you will have noticed in 2018 reclaimed wood started to appear. Mostly in the shape of a vanity. This year it is expected to continue propelling in that same direction. Natural wood adds warmth. Metal and glass can feel cold. Sticking with the idea that the bathroom is your new at-home spa, the warmth from the wood is excellent. What most homeowners like is the texture they receive from the wood grain. You can’t go wrong with a light or dark wood. The idea is to celebrate its natural details.

Naples Home Remodeling 2019

At Paragon, we believe in providing our clients with the best. The way we do that is through excellent craftsmanship and strong attention to detail. We try to keep on top of trends to help owners choose the right remodeling or renovation project that adds market value to their property. If you are ready to make changes to your home, let us guide you!