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Port Royal Single Family - BathParagon General Contracting, Inc. has built and remodeled single-family homes in many of Naples’ finest neighborhoods, including Port Royal, Olde Naples, The Moorings, Park Shore, and Pelican Bay.

Our reputation is as Naples’ premier condominium remodeling contractors, but our experience and expertise in single family house construction is equally extensive. Additionally, the skills that Paragon has developed in condominium work have informed and enhanced our work as home builders on single family homes.

Condominium work, for example, has tightly constrained time frames. Scheduling must be crisp and focused. An increased need for quality control means fewer errors and smoother coordination between the home construction trades. Even site conditions require stricter, regulatory restrictions, which means our home construction sites are extremely organized and clean as well. As soon as tradesmen and subcontractors enter one of Paragon’s home construction job sites, they know that a high standard is expected.

Condominium work also requires intense on-site supervision, and as a home builder, we bring this same focus to our single-family home construction work. The results are evident from the start: Better cost control, improved-quality house construction, and on-time results.

When speaking to other single home construction builders, you’ll notice immediately that their skills and abilities are limited. However, our varied and extensive experience in condominium work and other home construction has given us a broader range of skills and abilities.

Transparency and Open Communication

Olde Naples Single Family - PorchFinally, at Paragon, we pride ourselves on our transparency and open communication with clients. This immediate and open transparency allows us more flexibility in how we approach home design and construction, and we know that our regular and consistent communication is comforting and reassuring to homeowners.

Thinking about constructing a new, single family home or remodeling or adding on to an existing house? Looking for a quality house builder in your area? Naples Home Builders can tackle any home construction project, big or small.

For more information on our services and past work, please contact us at 239-643-7900 at your earliest convenience.

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