Home remodeling projects have taken place for years. Dedicated professionals like Paragon Companies have helped condominiums and single-family homes in Naples, Florida with construction services. We’ve learned specific remodeling projects are more advantageous than others. However, nothing is guaranteed.


Not sure which option is best? Across the board, whether you are in Naples, Florida or not, kitchen and bathroom remodeling offer the most on return. It is possible individuals see both spaces as expensive regarding maintenance and upkeep. We’ve got more information on this and some tips to help you get your renovation project started.

Renovation & Construction Tips

Keep Curb Appeal in Mind

We’ll talk about the different improvements that work best for your home or condominium in a minute, but we just wanted to take a second to remind you that the exterior matters. Selling property is a challenge when folks won’t bother to stop because it looks worn down or dated. A fresh coat of paint, a new front door, or a well-manicured lawn speaks volumes.

Get the Most Out of Your Renovation

A broker in Naples, Florida will give you more information about the housing market in your area. Researching your neighborhood helps you to determine how big your construction should get. Seeing a return on your investment means you need to match the community. Adding more to the home and increasing the value won’t help if you exceed the market standard. People who can afford to purchase your house might look in other neighborhoods meaning you might miss an opportunity to make a sale.

Don’t Stray from the Original Design

Mimicking the original design goes a long way. It doesn’t mean you can’t add your individuality. Try to utilize similar building materials if you are adding an addition. The design should flow together. As you inject your personality into the renovation, you’ll achieve congruency by merely using the same building materials. Colorwise you have a little more flexibility when selling a beachside property. Folks expect a little color here and there, but overall being conservative goes a long way. If bright, bold colors are your thing, have the house painted before putting it on the market.

Always Remodel Around Your Needs

One of the first things you should ask yourself when considering a remodel is whether or not you need the addition. Some projects yield more of a return, but it’s not guaranteed. Choose your project based on the needs of your family first and how you will use it in the immediate future. The return of the home remodel comes into play when you are not sure which one to tackle first or if you need a little encouragement to update your kitchen.

Best Renovation or Construction Projects

Bathroom Remodel

Average cost: $10,500

Average Return Rate: 102%

The average cost of a minor bathroom remodel includes replacing tile, the tub, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures. Remove anything that looks dated. Bathtubs that can’t get out of the door can be re-glazed for around $300-$400 to make it look like new.


Average Cost: $3,000

Average Return Rate: 100%

You can do a lot of things on your own. Trim away leaves or branches that block the view of the front door or add flowers along the sidewalk. Hiring a landscaper costs a little more, but you will get your money back. Some garden centers will design for free if you purchase their products.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Average Cost: just under $15,000

Average Return Rate: 98.5%

Minor remodels are cosmetic updates. Replace cabinets, countertops, sinks, cooktops, and fixtures. The estimate for $15,000 is for roughly 30-feet of a kitchen. Homes that are more than $500,000 should consider expensive upgrades like glass or quartz countertops and replacing any vinyl flooring with wood or stone.

Adding a Family Room

Average Cost: $54,400

Average Return Rate: 83%

Upscale neighborhoods benefit most from a sunroom addition. As we mentioned before smaller, conservative neighborhoods won’t be able to afford it. Adding square footage to your house increases market value, but that’s only if there is heating and cooling for year-round use. Otherwise, it’s classified as a covered deck or porch.

Living Room Flooring & Walls

Average Cost: $1,300

Average Return Rate: 40%

Buying paint is about $25 to cover the walls in your living room. With a steady hand and some painter’s tape, you can tackle this yourself. Replace the flooring with quality hardwood, and you can expect to average $3-$8 per square foot. Carpeted living rooms should be professionally cleaned.

Swimming Pool

Average Cost: $23,500

Average Return Rate: 39%

Because Florida experiences a hotter climate, you can expect a pool installation to have more return on the investment. If your neighbors have pools it’s likely the addition improves market value. Just pick a reputable pool installer with excellent craftsmanship.

Renovation & Construction Company in Naples, Florida

Hiring a construction company streamlines the renovation or addition. A business like Paragon Companies manages the project from start to finish. The success of your project revolves around communication. You need someone experienced who can guide you with their expertise in the real estate market and help you plan for zoning regulations and other details.


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