Are you moving to Naples? Owning your first beachside property is exciting. It has luxurious views and a gorgeous climate. Since this home or condo is a little different from other properties you’re used to, you might want to style it a little differently. We’ve got some great ideas on how you can decorate your beachside property.

Splash It With Color!

Living near the coast should invite a little more color into your life. And, we don’t just mean a tan. Decorate your new condo or home with bright, bold colors. Choosing the right colors can make some people a little nervous. We suggest finding inspiration from around you. Turquoise, red, leaf green, bright blue are all great choices for making your interior pop!

Use Wicker

Wicker furniture and decorations work well in a beach home. It brings the outside in and adds a lot of texture to a room. You can incorporate wicker by having wicker seating, storage baskets, or as a headboard. Make it modern by mixing it with other textures.

Choose Fun Fabrics

Texture can be executed through fabric choice as well. You can boost the dynamics of your home by adding printed textiles. For a beach home, you could do anything with a print and get away with it. We really like the idea of bold strips or a whimsical floral. Don’t be afraid to have the colors mingle with your bold paint choices. A beachfront property should be warm and inspiring.

Tropical Influence

We are in an oasis after all, so why not bring it inside your home as well? Tropical patterns can materialize throughout the house in throw pillows, wall art, plants, and furniture. You can go as subtle or as bold as you like, just remember to keep a balance with pairs. At least two pillows, plants, or wall are to create a harmonious balance.

White Shiplap

We talked about shiplap in our previous blog about upgrades you can make for your home. Click here for a refresher. In it, we talk about shiplap. It’s a style element you can create on the wall using interlocking pieces of wood. The boards are wide and often painted white. It incredibly fresh and modern, plus adds texture to any room. Adding it to your wall isn’t the only way you can upgrade your home. Use it on chimneys or as a headboard to get creative.

Have a Breakfast Nook

Is it even a beach property if there isn’t a breakfast nook? Carve out a dedicated space for leisurely breakfasts and brunches with friends and family. Decorate the area with wicker chairs or vintage pieces. A braided rug will identify the nook as a single element and gives you an opportunity to have more color or pattern.

Have House Plants

Fake will work if you aren’t comfortable with caring for a live plant. But, adding house plants indoors evokes a sense of calm and is statistically better for you. Elephant’s Ear is a classic and very distinctive. Birds of Paradise are colorful plants that grow easily indoors. Maybe the ultimate symbol of the tropics is the palm tree which can be used indoors as well.

Get Wallpaper

Beach homes should include as much print as possible. Decorate your walls by choosing a dynamic wallpaper that is bright and bold. You can also take it dark and moody. The goal here is to have fun. Grasscloth gives homes a subtle color and texture. It can be soothing and add a little bit of something extra.

Create an Outdoor Seating Area

It’s hard to find a spot in Naples that isn’t beautiful. That’s why we suggest having a seating area outside dedicated to enjoy a sunrise, sunset, good book, or glass of wine. Adirondack chairs are a vintage option that provokes comfort. Traditionally, these chairs are purchased in bright, vivid hues. A great choice if you’re not entirely sold on having color inside the home. You can also add comfort by using cushioned lounge chairs.

Open Your Kitchen

People make the trek to a coastal destination for the view. The same concept can apply to how you organize your home. Give your kitchen more space by removing cabinets and replacing them with shelving. You’ll have a choice now to add a backsplash made from shiplap, brightly colored tile, or a printed wallpaper.

Get Creative with Storage

Trips down to the coast are essential. Make the trip better with storage solutions that are beach ready. Hooks at the entryway will let you display your straw hats and bags, in addition to keeping it easy to grab and go. You can also purchase picnic baskets. They fit under the bed when you don’t need them and can double up as storage. Don’t want to hide them? No worries, they are decorative enough to keep on display.

Upgrade Your Naples Property

If you’re ready to make updates to your Naples home or condo, let Paragon Company help. Our team of experts is here to help you create the beachside oasis you’ve always dreamed about.