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How long has Paragon been in business here in Naples?

We’ve been serving Naples, Florida since 1995 and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We always try to learn something new and try to do it better than we did it the last time. What we learn from previous experiences helps make the process smoother and better and keeps clients happier. Doing so has generated a lot of repeat business.

What makes Paragon unique?

We are not only general contractors, but also real estate brokers and community association managers. Being involved with the community associations in particular allows us to understand the context of their job is and how they operate. In short, we have profound insight into what can and cannot be done and how to make the process go smoothly. We also know how to overcome potential rejection by framing questions and representing the owner in a way that gets approved.

What does Paragon offer that other single-family home builders can’t?

Our abilities in construction from the variety of projects we’ve pursued and finished all enhance what we can apply to single-family home designs—and few if any other builders have the breadth of experience we do. Also, the transparency in our contracts allows a lot of flexibility in how we approach the contract. Homeowners find it comforting knowing how all the bits and pieces of the plan come together in a timeline and at a price point they are expecting.

How do we know if Paragon is the right choice for us?

If you’re considering remodeling your condo, you should at least talk to us. We have a lot of experience with homes just like yours and a multitude of ideas and concepts you may have never even considered possible. For example, we’ve often gutted a condominium back to bare concrete and completely reconfigured the floor plan to better fit the residents’ lifestyles. Remember the adage, “Measure twice and cut once.” Before you hire any other contractor, meet us!

What challenges do Naples area condo rules and regulations pose to remodeling?

The challenges are primarily logistical and they are unique to condominiums. We have to work with all existing owners to make sure there are no disruptions or inconveniences to them or their units. Each building poses physical challenges such as the size of the elevators, availability of parking and adequate staging areas—to put materials and equipment. The challenges are always different—even among units in the same building.

How is my remodeling project supervised and reported to me?

We keep a skilled working superintendent on every job and he’s there every day. That allows our vice president, Mark Grievell, to visit every job every day. We also limit the number of projects we take on so that we can cover every job with optimum efficiency. With technology, clients can check in online and see progress through photographs or request them by e-mail. And they are always welcome to visit in person whenever they like.

What is a typical timeline for a condo renovation in Naples?

Most condo communities only allow work from May to October while most owners are away—so being certain we have everything lined up to be completed in that finite time period is extremely important. We’ve done it so many times successfully for decades. If a job is unfinished, that unit may be unusable for the season, which is devastating to an owner. And while associations have allowed work beyond cutoff dates, doing so creates bad blood with our clients, the association and other owners in the building.

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