Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Beach House

Buying beachfront property is a pretty universal dream. Whether it’s a retirement home, a family getaway or a romantic shack for two there is something so appealing about waking up to the sound of waves right outside your window. If you’ve made the leap and have begun the house-hunting process, then there are some key components in getting the best house on the beach. Having the ocean as your backyard also comes with unexpected endeavors, such as weather, and we think knowing all the ins and outs will make your buying journey a bit easier. This way you can focus on what really matters, creating a magical home by the beach.

Know When to Look for a Beachfront Property 

Just like you monitor airlines to hopefully catch the cheapest price on flights, there are what experts call the magic months when looking to purchase a new beach home. It may be tempting to dive into searching through property listings as the temperatures rise and the days would be better filled with sand, but some say postseason is when you’re more likely to find the best deals. Not only do are you dealing with less competition, on average, but prices also seem to be overall better and more negotiable.

Take major beach destinations such as Florida and Hawai’i, studies show that search activity during early Fall months falls well below the annual average. Opening up opportunities at a more concentrated level and owners are more apt to work out deals highly valuable to potential buyers. The market is always changing so be sure to keep up your research to make sure you’re taking advantage of when to search and buy your beach house.

Create A List of Priorities You Have for Your New Beach House

Staying organized and true to what you want will make this a better buying experience for you. With the variety of options out there when it comes to beach front properties, narrowing it down to really what you desire will help ease any overwhelming factors. Some key factors to consider and decide one before moving forward with purchasing a new beach house include:

  • Size

It’s critical that you keep an open mind on how big or how small a house you’d like to invest in. Some things that factor into this decision would be rentability (if interested), does it fit your family comfortably or are you looking something a little more intimate? If this is your second home it’s a nice change of pace to downsize or switch your set-up up a bit! Also, we recommend doing your research on comparison price averages between your top size options, opening up more possibilities for finding a great deal!

  • Style of the house

Through the years and across the coast styles and building techniques have evolved. There are countless options and even endless opportunities to design any home into your dream style. From All-American farmhouse magic to timeless Spaniard inspired designs, researching your favorites will set you up for a more niche house search. Also within the style of the home, you will have a glimpse into factors such as maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. Some styles are more low maintenance and equipped for the salt air and wind. Others need a little bit more attentive work. Prioritizing your top picks after researching your options will add value to your house hunting journey.

  • Peak Seasons & Community 

Every seaside getaway has its own unique appeals and peak seasons. Overall the Summer months are the most universally popular but don’t forget Winter escapes like the Gulf Coast or popular Autumn destinations like Kennebunkport, ME. By looking into the details of your possible new community, you will know what to expect year round. Whether you want to avoid crowded places or are searching for a specific demographic, such as an older age demographic or family-friendly neighborhoods, detailing the community and it’s peak seasons will be a huge help.

Know Where to Look for Beach House Listings

The coastline is endless and so are the options on where to buy beachfront property. From the chilly, seasonal New England towns to the idyllic shores of Southern California, each location brings something different to the table. Are you looking for a home to live in year round, maybe rent out as a vacation property partially or create an amazing investment property? All of these questions come into play, especially when choosing a location. By keeping your options open at first and narrowing down to your favorites, you will be able to consider factors such as market trends, seasonal nuances, expected growth and more.

Rent a Few Times in Various Promising Locations 

You’ve figured out when, you figured out the details on what you want and you’ve narrowed down where. So now we suggest doing a trial and error type of approach before moving forward with offers and paperwork. We think it’s a great resource to rent a few homes throughout your favorite locations to finalize your decision. This opens up the option to put yourself in a resident’s shoes and to really take in your potential new community and its surroundings.

For us here in Naples there are so many quick trips you can take to beautiful spots such as Marco Island. Engrossing yourself in a genuine experience will allow you to visualize your dream and solidify your final option. The rental opportunities are endless and you can definitely find one that perfectly meets your requirements.

Buying Beachfront Property in Naples, FL 

Are you ready to make your beach house dream a reality? Naples, Florida has been a top destination for an oceanside home for decades and the growth just continues to climb. Our Paragon team can help you find your new house or condo, build a custom abode or manage your investment property. Give us a call today!