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At Paragon, our bread and butter is condominium construction, and in the Naples area, we are proud to say that our condo construction reputation precedes us.

At the same time, we understand that condominium construction can be an especially challenging task — particularly when it comes to major remodeling jobs. Various unique obstacles always seem to present themselves, including numerous rules and regulations, considerations for other nearby owners, physical limitations (the size of the elevators, for example), parking confines, and more. Even a seemingly simple task, which might be quite straightforward to handle in a single-family construction project, is much more complicated in condominiums. Sometimes, even specific units pose unique dilemmas.

For our condo construction team at Paragon, however, the complex logistics keep the job interesting, challenging, and always different.


Association Application and Approval

Lion’s Gate Beachfront CondoOne often-overlooked aspect of condominium remodeling is the association application and approval process. Most people believe that this is just a pro-forma process of filling out a few forms and providing several documents to the association for approval.

In fact, the process is often more challenging than this, yet it’s always absolutely crucial to achieving the desired results.

Paragon’s in-depth knowledge of the policies, procedures, and politics involved with this procedure is a huge advantage to our condominium construction clients. It is not unusual for us to meet with a client who has had a request for approval on a specific project rejected by the association board.

Fortunately, we are able to change the verdict in nearly every one of these situations. Our experience has shown us that rejection is often dependent not only on how the question was asked, but how the particular request is researched, documented, presented, and negotiated. We have had great success in obtaining critical approvals from condominium boards and architectural review committees.


Condominium Construction Timelines

Admiralty Point Beachfront CondoTimelines for each of our Naples condominium construction jobs is extremely important to us at Paragon.

This is particularly true because the allowed-time for construction work in many buildings is limited to off-season summer months. In most cases, any work not finished on-time may be halted by the association until the following spring. This may render a unit unusable for an entire season — a disaster for any owner.

At Paragon, our successful track record for getting projects done on-time is crucial. Most of our clients are only here for the season. They expect that they will leave in the spring and come back in the fall to a fully completed unit.

With this always in mind, our condo construction team makes certain from the get-go that each project is within our scope of abilities to complete within the allotted time frame. Then, once the project is finished, we even go so far as to move everything back in, hang the clothes in the closets, make the beds, and put mints on the pillows.

If this is the kind of service you desire for your condominium construction project, this is the kind of service we will provide. It’s our job to work hard to meet your expectations, to make the construction stress-free, and to disrupt your lives as little as possible in the process.

For more information on our condo construction work or if you have questions, please contact us at 239-643-7900 at your earliest convenience.

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